Student News

Congratulations Jason Williams

On March 29, 2018 Jason successfully defended his dissertation, entitled  “Dysfunctional CD8+ T cells and the Immune Suppressive Tumor Microenvironment.” Well done Jason!

Congratulations Brandon Lee

On June 6, 2018 Brandon successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Tissue Dependence of Immunity to S. aureus Infection.” Well done Brandon!

Congratulations Akinola Emmanuel

On July 12, 2018 Akinola successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Tcf-1 and HEB Cooperate to Establish the Epigenetic and Transcriptional Profile of CD4+CD8+ Thymocytes.” Well done Akinola!

Congratulations Toufic Mayasi

On October 12, 2018 Toufic successfully defended his dissertation, entitled "Dietary gluten permanently reshapes the tissue-resident gd intraepithelial T cell compartment in celiac disease." Well done Toufic!

Congratulations Kevin Lei

On September 11, 2018 Kevin successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “The Role of Microbiota in Solid Organ Transplantation.” Well done Kevin!

Congratulations to Sangman Kim

On Nomember 26, 2018 Sangman successfully defended his dissertation, entitled "Tissue stress and posttranslational modifications of gluten drive the development of tissue destruction in celiac disease." Well done Sangman!

Congratulations to Christine Miller

“Christine Miller, a graduate student in Peter Savage Lab, was awarded an NIH F30 fellowship entitled “Specificity and function of memory-phenotype CD8+ T cells in the tumor environment”.