Dr. Alain Fischer delivers Koshland lecture

On September 18th, Alain Fischer MD, PhD delivered the 2023 Marian Elliott Koshland Memorial Lecture entitled, "Inborn Error of Immunity from Gene Identification to (Patho)Physiology and Therapy. The Case of SCID." Dr. Fischer is Professor Emeritus at Collège de France and Institut Imagine, Paris, France. Alain Fischer's work has been devoted to the study of the human immune system through the characterization of numerous genetic defects and the understanding of their physiopathology. He is the pioneer of gene therapy since 1999.

Dr. Fischer was presented with an award by Dr. David Zemmour and Dr. Bana Jabri commemorating his Koshland Lecture.

Marian Elliott Koshland, SM’43, PhD’49, was a brilliant scientist and distinguished alumna of the University of Chicago. A professor of molecular biology at University of California, Berkeley for 32 years, Dr. Koshland was an international leader in immunological research. Her discoveries led to groundbreaking progress in the understanding of how antibodies function.The Marian Elliott Koshland Memorial Lecture was established by the Division of the Biological Sciences and her late husband Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., PhD’49.