COI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Town Hall on “Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Our Community”

Nov 19, 2020
By Jorden Lane

On October 26th, the Committee on Immunology held a town hall meeting to discuss initiatives spearheaded by its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion subcommittee. Invited by the committee, Tobias Spears, director within BSD’s Diversity and Inclusion Office, and Cheryl R. Richardson, a director within the Chicago Center for Teaching, both spoke about resources available within their respective offices. The resources offered by the Diversity and Inclusion office include but are not limited to DEI sensitivity training offered on an individual basis or to lab groups. While the Chicago Center for Teaching offers training on providing inclusive pedagogy and mentoring practices to faculty and students alike. Following Cheryl and Tobias’ presentations, the DEI subcommittee introduced the initiatives they have been working on. These actions aim to address  Mentoring & Faculty Awareness, the Seminar Series & Journal Club, Outreach & Pipeline Programs, and finally Recruitment & Admissions. More information about the Town Hall, including its recording and the presented slides detailing these initiatives click HERE